John Gill appointed Group COO; Steve Trowbridge joins Board as Group CFO

The HSS Group announces the following changes to its Board of Directors.

John Gill, currently the Group Chief Financial Officer, will move to the new role of Group Chief Operating Officer, assuming responsibilities for the operating businesses within the Group.

Steve Trowbridge, currently Group Finance Director, will join the Board as Group Chief Financial Officer.

John and Steve will transition to their new roles over the following quarter. Steve’s appointment to the Board is immediate.

Chris Davies, Group CEO commented: “HSS Hire Group has grown solidly both organically and through our acquisitions of specialist businesses. These Board changes reflect the need to strengthen operational management and the Board as a consequence of increasing scale and complexity. John Gill has made a significant contribution to the progress of the Group during his tenure as CFO and is well positioned to take responsibility for our operating businesses. Similarly, Steve Trowbridge has guided the Group well as Finance Director and is ideally positioned to step up to the role of CFO and to join the Board.”

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